Hack Week Responses: Blogs and Twitter

We're still working on getting some hack summaries here on the website. In the mean-time, some of the hack week participants have been blogging and writing about their own thoughts from the week! I wanted to compile a few of these responses here:

  • Ruth Angus' post on AstroBites: a great high-level summary of what went on through the week! Ruth does a great job capturing the spirit of the event, as well as some details on things she learned and took home.

  • David Hogg's daily research posts: If you've never come across Hogg's Research Blog, it's worth digging around in it for a while. Each day, Hogg writes a brief summary of what he worked on or thought about for the day, and the result is a nearly decade-long log of his scientific ideas and interactions. He did this through the hack week as well, and you can read his thoughts here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.

  • Adrian Price-Whelan's IPython Cell Macros hack: so often when starting up an IPython notebook, we find ourselves importing all the same tools in the first cell. Now there's a button which adds this cell automatically!

  • UW eScience has a quick writeup: drawn mostly from our earlier post here. Great to have recognition from one of our sponsoring organizations!

And of course, there's always Twitter. Many of the week's participants were tweeting with the #AstroHackWeek tag. Below are a few randomly-chosen highlights.

I know that I, for one, am really hoping this happens again.


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